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By Raman Kumar Ynr.

Jai Shri Krishna 🦚 Lord devotees, Lord Shri Krishna has given us this part of the soul, through this he keeps running all the living beings. This soul is the (device, software or power) of Lord Shri Krishna which is controlled by Lord Shri Krishna. When used, this power neither gets any defect nor does itNo harm is caused nor does this soul get destroyed due to the destruction of any living being, every living being originates from this divine power in the form of the soul of Lord Shri Krishna and this power remains present in every living being only for a certain period of time. After this, according to the deeds done in this human life, the living being is transferred to other birthsIt keeps taking the living being to other births until the person attains Golok Dham through the devotion of Lord Shri Krishna