Lord Krishna made religion the basis for running this universe

A base is made for the construction of any object, means etc. like devotees or to run it, in the same way, Lord Shri Krishna has made religion a part of this universe to run it correctly and parallelly. Lord Shree is the base and in the same way Maya is also a part of this universeWe can feel this maya created by Krishna but we understand this maya only when time passes. Any work is done according to the time or method made by God. It happens that it does not change due to the change of any human or animal and this is the time of lawIt goes on continuously according to which old eras end and new eras are created, similarly in every era God’s incarnation also happens according to the law. After reaching, he starts thinking himself to be more powerful than God and hisUnrighteousness increases more on the earth due to the actions done by God, then God takes some form or the other and establishes religion by destroying those unrighteous and from there the beginning of a new era also starts

Lord Krishna’s unique meeting with his beloved Radha before going to Mathura

When Lord Shri Krishna started going from Gokul to Mathura then he went to meet Shri Radha before going to Mathura, then Shri Radhe Rani tried a lot to stop him but Lord is Lord. When Prem stayed in Vrindavan under compulsion, the tasks to be completedI have taken this avatar for this, how will those tasks be completed and Radhe Rani answered everything that was coming out of the mouth of Radhe Rani who was in love, then Radhe Rani said that I have heard that you are your devotees. If you love a lot, then Lord Shri Krishna said – I absolutely do. Then Radha said that I have also heard that you fulfill every wish of your devotees, then the Lord said -: Yes, of course I do. Then Shri Radha said that I am also your devotee and love you very much, will you fulfill my wish before going to Mathura. The Lord said yes, I will definitely do it. So Radha said first promise that you will definitely fulfill it.Then Lord, I promise you that whatever you ask for, you will definitely get it and said, ask for whatever you want, then Radha asked for two promises, one that I get your feet washed for the last time before leaving this mortal world and second that you will not leave Vrindavan. Sitting near me, you will play this murli, then the Lord said while meditatingYour command – The Lord used the word command only keeping the promise given to his devotee under compulsion so that only Radha allowed him to go to Mathura because Radha’s heart was speaking from the mouth of Radha, who was in love with Radha, then Shri Krishna ji As per the order of Radha, sitting there, he started playing Murli as soon as Lord ShreeThe melodious voices of Krishna ji’s murli started echoing, at the same time all the deities Shiva, Brahma Indra etc all appeared and started saying -: Trahimam Trahimam Trahimam, Mother protect us, Mother we all are your children if today you have shown love to Lord Shri Krishna. If we are forced to sit here, then the demonic powers like Kansa will destroy usWill give and unrighteousness will increase in the world, then after accepting the request of all the gods, Radha Mata ordered Lord Shri Krishna to go to Mathura.

How Lord Narayan broke the ego of Narad ji

Once Lord Narayan was lying down meditating on his remaining serpent Saiya. At the same time Narad Muni reached there doing Narayan Narayan and bowed down to Lord Narayan. But Lord Narayan remained engrossed. When Naradmuni kept chanting Narayan for a long time, then after a long time Lord Narayan opened his eyes in meditation. So Naradmuni asked Lord Narayan – Lord where were you meditating that even your supreme devotee had to wait. Then Lord Narayan said – There is a farmer who is a bigger devotee than you, my attention was on him only. Narad was very surprised and said that I keep roaming in this universe doing Narayan Narayan the whole day. Who can be your bigger devotee than me? Then Lord Narayan said – Narad, if you have doubts, I will clear your doubts right now. Narad, you do one thing, I give you a lamp. Don’t let it extinguish. Then it will be decided who is my biggest devotee between you and the farmer. On hearing this, Narad ji took the lamp and started roaming around the universe by covering it with his hands and protecting it from the wind etc. In the evening, when Narad Muni reached to Lord Narayan and said to him, see Lord, I am your biggest devotee, I did not let the lamp extinguish. Then Lord Narayan said – Well Narad, you tell me how many times you remembered me while you were roaming around. Narad said – Lord not even once….Narayan ji said, why didn’t you remember me Narad…. Then Narad said, how do you remember Lord, my attention was towards the lamp, I did not want to let it go. Then Narayan Bhagwan ji said, then it is certain that my farmer is a bigger devotee than you, who also does the work given by me throughout the day and also remembers my name twice in the morning and evening

Description of how Lord Shri Krishna disrespected Brahma and then preached to him

Once in the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Shri Krishna was grazing cows in the forest with his female friends, then all the female cowherds felt hungry while grazing female cows, then all of them said to their best friend Shri Krishna Kanhaiya, friend, we are hungry, let’s have food. That’s why all those who had brought something from their own homes and Kanhaiya who was his own for everyoneButter food was brought from home, everyone gathered in a group and started eating food and butter.Kanhaiya would first give food and butter to the mouths of his child-friends, then whatever was left over from their mouths would have been left in the hands of Kanhaiya himself. While all this was happening, Brahma ji was also watching from Brahmalok. Brahma ji was very disgusted that what kind of Parabrahma is this who is enjoying even after eating the lies of these low caste people. He thought why not test whether this is Parabrahma in truth or not. Seeing this, they made a plan, first they made the cows disappear from there and took them to Brahmalok.. And then when Kanhaiya went out in search of him, he made the cowherd boys also disappear from behind. When Kanhaiya returned after not getting the cows, the cowherds were surprised to find the children there. When Shri Krishna looked meditatively, all the cowherds and cows were sitting in Brahmalok. Seeing all this, Lord Shri Krishna divided himself into many parts and took the form of all those cowherd hair and cow calves in order to defame Brahma ji. Brahma ji took all those cowherd boys and cows to Brahmalok in a few moments, but when all the cowherds and cows returned to earth, according to the theory of relativity of time, a year had passed on the earth. No one even came to know that all these cowherd cows are realNo, but Shri Krishna is roaming around in his form when after a few moments Brahma ji saw on the earth that the cowherd boys and cows whom he had just left in Brahmalok are all playing here with Shri Krishna. Brahma ji got confused seeing this and meditated on the feet of Lord Shri Krishna in his heart and said, Lord show me the truth, Lord show me the truth… So seeing this, Lord Krishna felt pity on Brahma and removed the veil of his illusion and showed Brahma that Lord Krishna himself was playing in the form of all of them. While doing this, he fell at the feet of Kanhaiya and started apologizing. Then Shri Krishna Kanhaiya forgave Brahma ji and reminded him that despite being the creator of all beings, O Lord Brahma, why didn’t you remove this discrimination between high and low, you only create bodies when my light shines in them. The soul gets reflected only then they get life.

भगवान श्री कृष्णSee in this description how Lord Shri Krishna always protects his devotees

Devotees, Lord Shri Krishna always protects his devotees, the proof of this is that when Bhasmasur obtained a boon from Lord Shiva to destroy anyone by placing his hand on him, then Bhasmasur obtained the boon and first cast evil eye on Mother Parvati. . Seeing this, Lord Shiva warned Bhasmasur for this heinous sin, but the sinner Bhasmasur misused the boon given by Shiva and wanted to get Parvati by destroying Shiva. Bhasmasura knew that he could not get Parvati when Shiva was there, so he moved towards Shiva to lay his hands on Shiva to destroy her. Seeing Bhasmasur moving towards him, Shiva was forced to leave the tomb and run away from there to maintain the glory and dignity of his boon. Seeing all this happening, Mother Parvati disappeared from there.In the longing to get Parvati, Bhasmasur started running behind Shiva to lay his hands on him. When Shiva spent a lot of time running and hiding in the mountain ranges to protect himself, and did not understand any way to protect himself, then he prayed to Vishnu. Cry out to God that O Lord protect me, myGod protectThen in order to protect his devotee, Vishnu ji took the form of an apsara more beautiful than Parvati and came in front of Bhasmasur in those mountain ranges. Suddenly, seeing an Apsara more beautiful than Parvati in the middle of the mountains, Bhasmasur had a longing to have that beautiful Apsara too and he started saying to her, “Beautiful, what are you doing in the middle of these mountains, don’t you have any home?” Then the beautiful Apsara said that this mountain is my home and I live alone in these mountains. Hearing this, Bhasmasur said that you live alone, don’t you have a husband? When asked the reason for not getting married, Apsara said that she will marry himThe one who is equal to him in qualities, then Bhasmasur described his qualities and boons, but the Apsara said that I can marry you only when you along with these qualities of yours should also be proficient in dance like me, then Bhasmasur said that I can dance like you even in dance. Hearing this, Apsara said, “I do not believe in you, are you ready to take this test?” Bhasmasur said, “I agree” and both started dancing. While dancing in an art, when Lord Vishnu in the form of an Apsara cleverly put his hand on his head, then Bhasmasur sitting on his head by mistake in keeping equality in the dance, and in doing so, Bhasmasur himself was reduced to ashes. As soon as Bhasmasur was reduced to ashes, Lord Vishnu appeared in his Vishnu form as an Apsara and called out to Shiva, then Shiva came there and seeing Bhasmasur being reduced to ashes, bowed down to his Lord and thanked him.

Previous birth of Yashoda and Nand ji

Devotees Yashoda Maiya in their previous birth was a woman named Dhara and Nand was a king named Drona, when they got the knowledge of the truth, then both of them left their Raj Path and started living in a hut in the forest for the penance of Lord Vishnu. Meditating on Vishnu and whatever Drona gets in alms, both from thatWhile living her life, but the land had a virtuous deed, she never let any monk go hungry from her threshold. One day God came in the form of a monk to test her and said, Goddess, I am hungry, please feed me, but by chance There was nothing to eat in the cottage during the day, but Dhara gave the monk some timeTold to wait, but the monk refused and said that I will get food from somewhere else, but Dhara did not agree and said that I will make arrangements for food now, till you wait, hearing this, the monk sat in the same hut and waited. When without money, she started asking for flour and jaggery from a shopkeeper in a nearby village for arranging foodDhara refused to give flour and jaggery, then Dhara started pleading with the shopkeeper and said that my husband will bring alms in the evening, then he will repay your loan. It started happening, the shopkeeper started saying that I should give you flour and jaggeryI will give but in return I want your beautiful breasts then Goddess Dhara said ok you first put flour and jaggery in my bag then I will give you my breasts Puts the flour and jaggery as soon as the goddess Dhara puts a knife in front of himPicks up and cuts both her breasts and puts them in front of the shopkeeper and says if you wanted my breasts, then take both my breasts Seeing this sacrifice, the sage assumes the form of Lord Vishnu and faintsHe restores the goddess Dhara and gives her a boon that O Goddess Dhara, I am very pleased with your devotion and sacrifice, I give you a boon that when I incarnate in Dwapar Yuga, I will take birth from Devaki’s womb but drink milk. I will do it only with your breasts and you will enjoy the full joy of motherhood Give

Prithvi, Brahma, Shiva and other deities approach Lord Vishnu to pray

Once this world was burdened with the unnecessary military power of such kings, who were actually demons, but considered themselves to be kings. Then the whole world became agitated and the presiding deity of the earth, called Bhumi, went to Brahmaji to tell about her troubles caused by these demonic kings. Bhumi took the form of a cow and appeared before Brahma with tears in her eyes. She was in mourning and was crying to arouse the compassion of God. He described the distressed condition of the earth. Brahma was extremely saddened to hear this story. He immediately left for the ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu resides. Along with Brahmaji, Shivji etc. were all the deities and the land also became with them. Coming to the banks of the Ksheer-Sagar, Brahmaji started taking measures to please Lord Vishnu, who had earlier protected the earth by assuming the divine form of a boar. Among the Vedic mantras there is a special type of prayer called the Purusha-sukta. Normally the deities bow down to Lord Vishnu by reciting this Purush Sukta. Here it is known that whenever there is any nuisance in any world, the presiding deity of that world can go to Brahma, the lord of this universe and Brahmaji can also go to God Vishnu, but he is not the direct vision, but Kshir. Standing on the banks of the ocean, you can see them directly. Under this universe, there is a world called Shvetdweep, in which there is the ocean of milk. It is known from various Vedic texts that just as there is an ocean of salt in this world, in the same way there are many types of liquid oceans in other worlds as well. Somewhere there is an ocean of milk, somewhere there is an ocean of oil and somewhere there is an ocean of sugar and other types of oceans. The Purusha-sukta is the ideal prayer (praise) which the demigods recite to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kshirodakasayi. Because of sleeping in the ocean of milk, He is called Kshirodakshayi Vishnu. He is the Lord from whom all the incarnations of this universe appear

Devas and Asuras churning the ocean for nectar

When the Asuras got victory over the Gods, at that time all the three worlds and Indra himself also became headless due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi. On this all the deities went to Brahmaji on the summit of Sumeru mountain. Brahmaji saw that all the gods have become headless and the asuras are flourishing. Brahmaji went to the shelter of the imperishable Lord with all the deities. Praised God with Vedavani. Brahmaji said to Lord Shri Hari – Almighty Lord, you keep your Yogmaya and its qualities under your control and live in the hearts of all the living beings with equality. We bow down at your holy feet. Even the smallest act dedicated to God never fails. He was praising in such a way that God appeared in front of him but only Brahmaji and Shiva Shankar could see him. Just as a man obtains his sustenance by means of fire from wood, milk from cow, food and water from earth, and business through means of business, in the same way a wise man also attains you through bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, etc. Is. We have become extremely happy and peaceful with your appearance. Lord Brahmaji, Shankarji and the deities spoke in a solemn voice like a cloud! You guys take my advice. At this time, the grace of Kaal is on the Asuras. Make peace with demons and demons until good times come. Now try to extract nectar without delay. Even a person who dies after drinking it becomes immortal. First put all kinds of grass, hull and medicines in Kshirsagar. Then you people churn the ocean with my help by making Mandarachal mountain as churn and Vasuki snake as leader. All the deities agreed on the advice of Lord Sri Hari. All the gods went to King Bali at the right time. Indra talked about churning nectar. Then the Asuras liked this thing. He uprooted the Mandarachal mountain with his power and the Asuras were unable to take Mandarachal to the sea by using their full power. Seeing their enthusiasm vanishing, Lord Sri Hari playfully placed the mountain on Garuda with one hand and himself rode on it. Garuda landed the mountain on the sea shore. After that, the deities and asuras promised Nagraj Vasuki to make Nagraj Vasuki the leader that you will also have a share in the nectar. Then everyone started churning the ocean for nectar by wrapping Vasuki snake’s neti on Mandarachal. The Asuras were on the side of Vasuki Nag’s mouth and the deities were on the side of his tail. When the Mandarachal mountain started sinking in the water, Lord Sri Hari assumed the form of a tortoise and entered the sea and lifted the mountain up. By entering both the Asuras and the Devas the Lord maintained their power. Similarly, Vasuki entered the snake in the form of sleep so that there would be no obstruction in the churning of the ocean. When the nectar did not come out, then God himself started churning the ocean. God first appeared after churning. The poison started flying and spreading everywhere. Then they all went to Lord Shankar. Everyone praised Shankar ji according to their powers. Sensing the distress of the people, Lord Shankar has said Devi! Due to the poison of Kaalkoot, which came out from the churning of the ocean, great sorrow has befallen the people. It is my duty to make them fearless. Lord Shankar drank that pungent Halahal poison in his Anjali. His throat turned blue after drinking poison. At the time when Lord Shiva was drinking poison filled in Anjali, then a little poison fell on the earth. Which was accepted by snakes etc. poisonous creatures and poisonous medicines and then with new enthusiasm the ocean started churning. Now Kamdhenu cow appeared. Brahmavadi Brahmins accepted him. After this a horse named Uchchaishrava emerged. He was as white as the moon. When Bali expressed his desire to take him, Indra gave his consent. God had already taught. After this Airavat the elephant came out. He had four teeth, which Indra kept with him. After this a Ragmani named Kaustubh came out. Lord Ajit took him. After this, the Kalpavriksha emerged which enhances the beauty of heaven. After this, Apsaras came out in the churning of the ocean, who started giving happiness to the gods with their charming movements. After this Bhagwati Lakshmi appeared. She is the eternal energy of the Lord. Gods, Asuras, humans all wished that Lakshmi should meet us. On this Bhagwati Lakshmi Devi sat on the throne with a lotus in her hand. Lakshmi ji thought that my only master is God. Therefore, Lakshmi ji put a beautiful garland of lotuses around the neck of Lord Sri Hari. Lord Sri Hari gave Lakshmi ji a place to reside forever on his chest. After this, Varuni Devi appeared in the form of a girl in the churning of the ocean. With the permission of the Lord, the demons took him. After this a supernatural man appeared. Its color was dark. He had bracelets and a pot full of nectar in his hands. He was actually an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He became famous as the originator of Ayurveda and Yagyabhokta Dhanvantari. When the demons saw the pot of nectar, they quickly snatched it away. This deity went to the shelter of God. God told him that I make your work with my illusion. The Lord took the form of a very unique beautiful woman. God in the form of Mohini started arousing the minds of the demons and corrupted their intelligence. And in this way the demons started snatching the Kalash like dacoits. He saw that a charming woman was coming.
Suffering from work, he asked that charming woman – who are you and whose daughter are you? Hey babe ! You settle our quarrel. On this, the God who disguised as a woman by Maya, looking at him from Chitwan, said – You all are the sons of Kashyap ji and I am a promiscuous woman. The demons smiled mysteriously and handed over the pot of nectar to Mohini. God in the form of Mohini made the demons sit in one row and the deities in the other row. God made the gods drink nectar through his illusion. When the nectar was being served, Rahu disguised himself as a demon and sat in the row of demons. As soon as he fed nectar on this, God separated his head from his torso with his chakra. But due to drinking the nectar, his head became immortal. Then Brahmaji made him a planet. Shri Bhagwan took his real form leaving the form of Mohini and the demons felt immense sorrow for not getting the nectar

Shri Ji Krishna’s Yagya Gratitude to the Wives

Once Shri Krishna and Shri Balram were grazing cows with cowherd hair • Then the hungry cowherd hair prayed to Lord Shri Krishna – We are very hungry. Tell me some way to calm it down. Then Shri Krishna said, at a short distance from here, a Brahmin who is a scholar of the Vedas is performing a Yagya named Angris with the desire of heaven. You go to the sacrificial fire. You go there and bring some rice and food items by mentioning my name and that of Balram ji. After reaching there, the cowherd boys bowed down on the earth and said – We have come to you by the order of Lord Shri Krishna and Balram ji. We need rice ingredients for the meal. Those Brahmins did not pay heed to the words of the cowherd boys. When those Brahmins didn’t say anything in yes or no, they returned and told everything there to Shri Krishna and Balram. Lord Shri Krishna said – This time you go to their wives and tell them that Balram and Krishna have come. You provide some food for them. This time he went to him and said – Shri Krishna has come at a little distance from here. Give some food for him and the cow children. On hearing about the arrival of Shri Krishna, she took all the four types of material and did not stop even when her brothers, husband and sons stopped her and went to meet her beloved Lord Shri Krishna. On reaching there, Lord Shri Krishna said, Mahabhagyavati ladies! You are welcome . Come sit You people have come here with the desire to have our darshan. I appreciate your love. Now you people have seen me. So now go back to your sacrificial place. Because your husband will be able to complete his Yagya only by joining you. You put your mind in me. You will get mine very soon. When Lord Shri Krishna explained to them in this way, those Brahmin wives returned to the sacrificial fire. Those Brahmins had despised Shri Krishna. Therefore, he felt great remorse from the memory of his crime and had a strong desire in his heart to see Shri Krishna Balram, but could not go to see him due to the fear of Kansa

Govardhan Dharan by Shri Krishna and Prevention of Indra Yagya

Lord Shri Krishna used to perform various pastimes in Vrindavan with Balram ji. One day he saw that all the Gopas were preparing for the Indra Yagya. Shri Krishna asked Nandbaba – What is everyone preparing for? Nand Baba said – Son! Lord Indra is the lord of the entire ocean of rain-giving clouds. These clouds are his form. They shower water that satisfies all living beings and gives life. We and other people also worship Lord Indra, the lord of those clouds, at the Yajna. Lord Shri Krishna said – Father! What does Indra have to do with this? What can he do? Neither do we have the state of any country. We don’t even have villages or houses. We are forest dwellers. Forests and mountains are our home. That’s why we should prepare to worship cows, Brahmins and Giriraj. Let the rituals of the yagya told by me be done with the ingredients for Indra Yagya. Many types of dishes – kheer, puri, halwa, pua etc. should be made. All the milk of Braj should be collected. After this, after bathing Govardhan with milk, all the dishes should be offered to him. Everyone got ready for this. Gopas and gopis circumambulated Govardhan. When Indra came to know that my worship had been stopped, he became very angry with Nandbaba and the gopas. Indra ordered the doomsday clouds – make them suffer by raining heavily on Braj. Due to the torrential rain, the animals and the cowherd boys started getting cold. When Lord Shri Krishna saw that everyone was fainting after being hit by rain and hail, he understood that all this was the handiwork of Indra. On this Lord Shri Krishna called his Yoga Maya and protected Braj through her. God thought that Indra should answer for his misdeeds. God uprooted the Giriraj mountain with a single hand and held it on his hand while playing. After this he said to the cowherds – all of you come and sit in the pits of this mountain with your cows and all the materials. They kept holding that mountain continuously for seven days. Indra’s surprise knew no bounds after seeing Yogmaya of seven year old child Shri Krishna. Due to non-fulfillment of his resolution, all his pride was shattered. They were taken aback. After this Indra stopped the clouds from raining. When Govardhandhari Shri Krishna saw that the fierce storm and heavy rain had stopped and the sun began to appear, he said to the Gopas – Now you fearlessly come out with your women, cattle and children. In the sight of all living beings, Lord Shri Krishna put Giriraj mountain in its original place. As soon as the mountain was placed, the crowd gathered near him. Some started kissing him, some started hugging him. Everyone felicitated him. The deities in heaven started blowing conch shells and naubats and showered flowers. Indra’s pride was shattered after seeing the effect of the most brilliant Lord Shri Krishna. Indra praised God. Shri Shukdev ji says that by asking Lord Shri Krishna, Kamdhenu with her milk and with the inspiration of the gods, Devraj Indra anointed Lord Shri Krishna with the Devarshis with the water of Akash Ganga brought by the trunk of Airavat and named him Govind. addressed. Even now Govardhan is being worshipped. The worship of Indra Yagya was stopped. After this Lord Shri Krishna traveled to Braj. Balram ji was walking beside him and his lover Gwal Bal was serving him. The gopis also happily returned to Braj describing his pastimes