Devotees, Lord Shri Krishna always protects his devotees, the proof of this is that when Bhasmasur obtained a boon from Lord Shiva to destroy anyone by placing his hand on him, then Bhasmasur obtained the boon and first cast evil eye on Mother Parvati. . Seeing this, Lord Shiva warned Bhasmasur for this heinous sin, but the sinner Bhasmasur misused the boon given by Shiva and wanted to get Parvati by destroying Shiva. Bhasmasura knew that he could not get Parvati when Shiva was there, so he moved towards Shiva to lay his hands on Shiva to destroy her. Seeing Bhasmasur moving towards him, Shiva was forced to leave the tomb and run away from there to maintain the glory and dignity of his boon. Seeing all this happening, Mother Parvati disappeared from there.In the longing to get Parvati, Bhasmasur started running behind Shiva to lay his hands on him. When Shiva spent a lot of time running and hiding in the mountain ranges to protect himself, and did not understand any way to protect himself, then he prayed to Vishnu. Cry out to God that O Lord protect me, myGod protectThen in order to protect his devotee, Vishnu ji took the form of an apsara more beautiful than Parvati and came in front of Bhasmasur in those mountain ranges. Suddenly, seeing an Apsara more beautiful than Parvati in the middle of the mountains, Bhasmasur had a longing to have that beautiful Apsara too and he started saying to her, “Beautiful, what are you doing in the middle of these mountains, don’t you have any home?” Then the beautiful Apsara said that this mountain is my home and I live alone in these mountains. Hearing this, Bhasmasur said that you live alone, don’t you have a husband? When asked the reason for not getting married, Apsara said that she will marry himThe one who is equal to him in qualities, then Bhasmasur described his qualities and boons, but the Apsara said that I can marry you only when you along with these qualities of yours should also be proficient in dance like me, then Bhasmasur said that I can dance like you even in dance. Hearing this, Apsara said, “I do not believe in you, are you ready to take this test?” Bhasmasur said, “I agree” and both started dancing. While dancing in an art, when Lord Vishnu in the form of an Apsara cleverly put his hand on his head, then Bhasmasur sitting on his head by mistake in keeping equality in the dance, and in doing so, Bhasmasur himself was reduced to ashes. As soon as Bhasmasur was reduced to ashes, Lord Vishnu appeared in his Vishnu form as an Apsara and called out to Shiva, then Shiva came there and seeing Bhasmasur being reduced to ashes, bowed down to his Lord and thanked him.