Once in the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Shri Krishna was grazing cows in the forest with his female friends, then all the female cowherds felt hungry while grazing female cows, then all of them said to their best friend Shri Krishna Kanhaiya, friend, we are hungry, let’s have food. That’s why all those who had brought something from their own homes and Kanhaiya who was his own for everyoneButter food was brought from home, everyone gathered in a group and started eating food and butter.Kanhaiya would first give food and butter to the mouths of his child-friends, then whatever was left over from their mouths would have been left in the hands of Kanhaiya himself. While all this was happening, Brahma ji was also watching from Brahmalok. Brahma ji was very disgusted that what kind of Parabrahma is this who is enjoying even after eating the lies of these low caste people. He thought why not test whether this is Parabrahma in truth or not. Seeing this, they made a plan, first they made the cows disappear from there and took them to Brahmalok.. And then when Kanhaiya went out in search of him, he made the cowherd boys also disappear from behind. When Kanhaiya returned after not getting the cows, the cowherds were surprised to find the children there. When Shri Krishna looked meditatively, all the cowherds and cows were sitting in Brahmalok. Seeing all this, Lord Shri Krishna divided himself into many parts and took the form of all those cowherd hair and cow calves in order to defame Brahma ji. Brahma ji took all those cowherd boys and cows to Brahmalok in a few moments, but when all the cowherds and cows returned to earth, according to the theory of relativity of time, a year had passed on the earth. No one even came to know that all these cowherd cows are realNo, but Shri Krishna is roaming around in his form when after a few moments Brahma ji saw on the earth that the cowherd boys and cows whom he had just left in Brahmalok are all playing here with Shri Krishna. Brahma ji got confused seeing this and meditated on the feet of Lord Shri Krishna in his heart and said, Lord show me the truth, Lord show me the truth… So seeing this, Lord Krishna felt pity on Brahma and removed the veil of his illusion and showed Brahma that Lord Krishna himself was playing in the form of all of them. While doing this, he fell at the feet of Kanhaiya and started apologizing. Then Shri Krishna Kanhaiya forgave Brahma ji and reminded him that despite being the creator of all beings, O Lord Brahma, why didn’t you remove this discrimination between high and low, you only create bodies when my light shines in them. The soul gets reflected only then they get life.