When the Asuras got victory over the Gods, at that time all the three worlds and Indra himself also became headless due to the curse of Durvasa Rishi. On this all the deities went to Brahmaji on the summit of Sumeru mountain. Brahmaji saw that all the gods have become headless and the asuras are flourishing. Brahmaji went to the shelter of the imperishable Lord with all the deities. Praised God with Vedavani. Brahmaji said to Lord Shri Hari – Almighty Lord, you keep your Yogmaya and its qualities under your control and live in the hearts of all the living beings with equality. We bow down at your holy feet. Even the smallest act dedicated to God never fails. He was praising in such a way that God appeared in front of him but only Brahmaji and Shiva Shankar could see him. Just as a man obtains his sustenance by means of fire from wood, milk from cow, food and water from earth, and business through means of business, in the same way a wise man also attains you through bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, etc. Is. We have become extremely happy and peaceful with your appearance. Lord Brahmaji, Shankarji and the deities spoke in a solemn voice like a cloud! You guys take my advice. At this time, the grace of Kaal is on the Asuras. Make peace with demons and demons until good times come. Now try to extract nectar without delay. Even a person who dies after drinking it becomes immortal. First put all kinds of grass, hull and medicines in Kshirsagar. Then you people churn the ocean with my help by making Mandarachal mountain as churn and Vasuki snake as leader. All the deities agreed on the advice of Lord Sri Hari. All the gods went to King Bali at the right time. Indra talked about churning nectar. Then the Asuras liked this thing. He uprooted the Mandarachal mountain with his power and the Asuras were unable to take Mandarachal to the sea by using their full power. Seeing their enthusiasm vanishing, Lord Sri Hari playfully placed the mountain on Garuda with one hand and himself rode on it. Garuda landed the mountain on the sea shore. After that, the deities and asuras promised Nagraj Vasuki to make Nagraj Vasuki the leader that you will also have a share in the nectar. Then everyone started churning the ocean for nectar by wrapping Vasuki snake’s neti on Mandarachal. The Asuras were on the side of Vasuki Nag’s mouth and the deities were on the side of his tail. When the Mandarachal mountain started sinking in the water, Lord Sri Hari assumed the form of a tortoise and entered the sea and lifted the mountain up. By entering both the Asuras and the Devas the Lord maintained their power. Similarly, Vasuki entered the snake in the form of sleep so that there would be no obstruction in the churning of the ocean. When the nectar did not come out, then God himself started churning the ocean. God first appeared after churning. The poison started flying and spreading everywhere. Then they all went to Lord Shankar. Everyone praised Shankar ji according to their powers. Sensing the distress of the people, Lord Shankar has said Devi! Due to the poison of Kaalkoot, which came out from the churning of the ocean, great sorrow has befallen the people. It is my duty to make them fearless. Lord Shankar drank that pungent Halahal poison in his Anjali. His throat turned blue after drinking poison. At the time when Lord Shiva was drinking poison filled in Anjali, then a little poison fell on the earth. Which was accepted by snakes etc. poisonous creatures and poisonous medicines and then with new enthusiasm the ocean started churning. Now Kamdhenu cow appeared. Brahmavadi Brahmins accepted him. After this a horse named Uchchaishrava emerged. He was as white as the moon. When Bali expressed his desire to take him, Indra gave his consent. God had already taught. After this Airavat the elephant came out. He had four teeth, which Indra kept with him. After this a Ragmani named Kaustubh came out. Lord Ajit took him. After this, the Kalpavriksha emerged which enhances the beauty of heaven. After this, Apsaras came out in the churning of the ocean, who started giving happiness to the gods with their charming movements. After this Bhagwati Lakshmi appeared. She is the eternal energy of the Lord. Gods, Asuras, humans all wished that Lakshmi should meet us. On this Bhagwati Lakshmi Devi sat on the throne with a lotus in her hand. Lakshmi ji thought that my only master is God. Therefore, Lakshmi ji put a beautiful garland of lotuses around the neck of Lord Sri Hari. Lord Sri Hari gave Lakshmi ji a place to reside forever on his chest. After this, Varuni Devi appeared in the form of a girl in the churning of the ocean. With the permission of the Lord, the demons took him. After this a supernatural man appeared. Its color was dark. He had bracelets and a pot full of nectar in his hands. He was actually an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He became famous as the originator of Ayurveda and Yagyabhokta Dhanvantari. When the demons saw the pot of nectar, they quickly snatched it away. This deity went to the shelter of God. God told him that I make your work with my illusion. The Lord took the form of a very unique beautiful woman. God in the form of Mohini started arousing the minds of the demons and corrupted their intelligence. And in this way the demons started snatching the Kalash like dacoits. He saw that a charming woman was coming.
Suffering from work, he asked that charming woman – who are you and whose daughter are you? Hey babe ! You settle our quarrel. On this, the God who disguised as a woman by Maya, looking at him from Chitwan, said – You all are the sons of Kashyap ji and I am a promiscuous woman. The demons smiled mysteriously and handed over the pot of nectar to Mohini. God in the form of Mohini made the demons sit in one row and the deities in the other row. God made the gods drink nectar through his illusion. When the nectar was being served, Rahu disguised himself as a demon and sat in the row of demons. As soon as he fed nectar on this, God separated his head from his torso with his chakra. But due to drinking the nectar, his head became immortal. Then Brahmaji made him a planet. Shri Bhagwan took his real form leaving the form of Mohini and the demons felt immense sorrow for not getting the nectar