Lord Shri Krishna used to perform various pastimes in Vrindavan with Balram ji. One day he saw that all the Gopas were preparing for the Indra Yagya. Shri Krishna asked Nandbaba – What is everyone preparing for? Nand Baba said – Son! Lord Indra is the lord of the entire ocean of rain-giving clouds. These clouds are his form. They shower water that satisfies all living beings and gives life. We and other people also worship Lord Indra, the lord of those clouds, at the Yajna. Lord Shri Krishna said – Father! What does Indra have to do with this? What can he do? Neither do we have the state of any country. We don’t even have villages or houses. We are forest dwellers. Forests and mountains are our home. That’s why we should prepare to worship cows, Brahmins and Giriraj. Let the rituals of the yagya told by me be done with the ingredients for Indra Yagya. Many types of dishes – kheer, puri, halwa, pua etc. should be made. All the milk of Braj should be collected. After this, after bathing Govardhan with milk, all the dishes should be offered to him. Everyone got ready for this. Gopas and gopis circumambulated Govardhan. When Indra came to know that my worship had been stopped, he became very angry with Nandbaba and the gopas. Indra ordered the doomsday clouds – make them suffer by raining heavily on Braj. Due to the torrential rain, the animals and the cowherd boys started getting cold. When Lord Shri Krishna saw that everyone was fainting after being hit by rain and hail, he understood that all this was the handiwork of Indra. On this Lord Shri Krishna called his Yoga Maya and protected Braj through her. God thought that Indra should answer for his misdeeds. God uprooted the Giriraj mountain with a single hand and held it on his hand while playing. After this he said to the cowherds – all of you come and sit in the pits of this mountain with your cows and all the materials. They kept holding that mountain continuously for seven days. Indra’s surprise knew no bounds after seeing Yogmaya of seven year old child Shri Krishna. Due to non-fulfillment of his resolution, all his pride was shattered. They were taken aback. After this Indra stopped the clouds from raining. When Govardhandhari Shri Krishna saw that the fierce storm and heavy rain had stopped and the sun began to appear, he said to the Gopas – Now you fearlessly come out with your women, cattle and children. In the sight of all living beings, Lord Shri Krishna put Giriraj mountain in its original place. As soon as the mountain was placed, the crowd gathered near him. Some started kissing him, some started hugging him. Everyone felicitated him. The deities in heaven started blowing conch shells and naubats and showered flowers. Indra’s pride was shattered after seeing the effect of the most brilliant Lord Shri Krishna. Indra praised God. Shri Shukdev ji says that by asking Lord Shri Krishna, Kamdhenu with her milk and with the inspiration of the gods, Devraj Indra anointed Lord Shri Krishna with the Devarshis with the water of Akash Ganga brought by the trunk of Airavat and named him Govind. addressed. Even now Govardhan is being worshipped. The worship of Indra Yagya was stopped. After this Lord Shri Krishna traveled to Braj. Balram ji was walking beside him and his lover Gwal Bal was serving him. The gopis also happily returned to Braj describing his pastimes