Once Lord Narayan was lying down meditating on his remaining serpent Saiya. At the same time Narad Muni reached there doing Narayan Narayan and bowed down to Lord Narayan. But Lord Narayan remained engrossed. When Naradmuni kept chanting Narayan for a long time, then after a long time Lord Narayan opened his eyes in meditation. So Naradmuni asked Lord Narayan – Lord where were you meditating that even your supreme devotee had to wait. Then Lord Narayan said – There is a farmer who is a bigger devotee than you, my attention was on him only. Narad was very surprised and said that I keep roaming in this universe doing Narayan Narayan the whole day. Who can be your bigger devotee than me? Then Lord Narayan said – Narad, if you have doubts, I will clear your doubts right now. Narad, you do one thing, I give you a lamp. Don’t let it extinguish. Then it will be decided who is my biggest devotee between you and the farmer. On hearing this, Narad ji took the lamp and started roaming around the universe by covering it with his hands and protecting it from the wind etc. In the evening, when Narad Muni reached to Lord Narayan and said to him, see Lord, I am your biggest devotee, I did not let the lamp extinguish. Then Lord Narayan said – Well Narad, you tell me how many times you remembered me while you were roaming around. Narad said – Lord not even once….Narayan ji said, why didn’t you remember me Narad…. Then Narad said, how do you remember Lord, my attention was towards the lamp, I did not want to let it go. Then Narayan Bhagwan ji said, then it is certain that my farmer is a bigger devotee than you, who also does the work given by me throughout the day and also remembers my name twice in the morning and evening