When Lord Shri Krishna started going from Gokul to Mathura then he went to meet Shri Radha before going to Mathura, then Shri Radhe Rani tried a lot to stop him but Lord is Lord. When Prem stayed in Vrindavan under compulsion, the tasks to be completedI have taken this avatar for this, how will those tasks be completed and Radhe Rani answered everything that was coming out of the mouth of Radhe Rani who was in love, then Radhe Rani said that I have heard that you are your devotees. If you love a lot, then Lord Shri Krishna said – I absolutely do. Then Radha said that I have also heard that you fulfill every wish of your devotees, then the Lord said -: Yes, of course I do. Then Shri Radha said that I am also your devotee and love you very much, will you fulfill my wish before going to Mathura. The Lord said yes, I will definitely do it. So Radha said first promise that you will definitely fulfill it.Then Lord, I promise you that whatever you ask for, you will definitely get it and said, ask for whatever you want, then Radha asked for two promises, one that I get your feet washed for the last time before leaving this mortal world and second that you will not leave Vrindavan. Sitting near me, you will play this murli, then the Lord said while meditatingYour command – The Lord used the word command only keeping the promise given to his devotee under compulsion so that only Radha allowed him to go to Mathura because Radha’s heart was speaking from the mouth of Radha, who was in love with Radha, then Shri Krishna ji As per the order of Radha, sitting there, he started playing Murli as soon as Lord ShreeThe melodious voices of Krishna ji’s murli started echoing, at the same time all the deities Shiva, Brahma Indra etc all appeared and started saying -: Trahimam Trahimam Trahimam, Mother protect us, Mother we all are your children if today you have shown love to Lord Shri Krishna. If we are forced to sit here, then the demonic powers like Kansa will destroy usWill give and unrighteousness will increase in the world, then after accepting the request of all the gods, Radha Mata ordered Lord Shri Krishna to go to Mathura.