Devotees Yashoda Maiya in their previous birth was a woman named Dhara and Nand was a king named Drona, when they got the knowledge of the truth, then both of them left their Raj Path and started living in a hut in the forest for the penance of Lord Vishnu. Meditating on Vishnu and whatever Drona gets in alms, both from thatWhile living her life, but the land had a virtuous deed, she never let any monk go hungry from her threshold. One day God came in the form of a monk to test her and said, Goddess, I am hungry, please feed me, but by chance There was nothing to eat in the cottage during the day, but Dhara gave the monk some timeTold to wait, but the monk refused and said that I will get food from somewhere else, but Dhara did not agree and said that I will make arrangements for food now, till you wait, hearing this, the monk sat in the same hut and waited. When without money, she started asking for flour and jaggery from a shopkeeper in a nearby village for arranging foodDhara refused to give flour and jaggery, then Dhara started pleading with the shopkeeper and said that my husband will bring alms in the evening, then he will repay your loan. It started happening, the shopkeeper started saying that I should give you flour and jaggeryI will give but in return I want your beautiful breasts then Goddess Dhara said ok you first put flour and jaggery in my bag then I will give you my breasts Puts the flour and jaggery as soon as the goddess Dhara puts a knife in front of himPicks up and cuts both her breasts and puts them in front of the shopkeeper and says if you wanted my breasts, then take both my breasts Seeing this sacrifice, the sage assumes the form of Lord Vishnu and faintsHe restores the goddess Dhara and gives her a boon that O Goddess Dhara, I am very pleased with your devotion and sacrifice, I give you a boon that when I incarnate in Dwapar Yuga, I will take birth from Devaki’s womb but drink milk. I will do it only with your breasts and you will enjoy the full joy of motherhood Give