Once this world was burdened with the unnecessary military power of such kings, who were actually demons, but considered themselves to be kings. Then the whole world became agitated and the presiding deity of the earth, called Bhumi, went to Brahmaji to tell about her troubles caused by these demonic kings. Bhumi took the form of a cow and appeared before Brahma with tears in her eyes. She was in mourning and was crying to arouse the compassion of God. He described the distressed condition of the earth. Brahma was extremely saddened to hear this story. He immediately left for the ocean of milk where Lord Vishnu resides. Along with Brahmaji, Shivji etc. were all the deities and the land also became with them. Coming to the banks of the Ksheer-Sagar, Brahmaji started taking measures to please Lord Vishnu, who had earlier protected the earth by assuming the divine form of a boar. Among the Vedic mantras there is a special type of prayer called the Purusha-sukta. Normally the deities bow down to Lord Vishnu by reciting this Purush Sukta. Here it is known that whenever there is any nuisance in any world, the presiding deity of that world can go to Brahma, the lord of this universe and Brahmaji can also go to God Vishnu, but he is not the direct vision, but Kshir. Standing on the banks of the ocean, you can see them directly. Under this universe, there is a world called Shvetdweep, in which there is the ocean of milk. It is known from various Vedic texts that just as there is an ocean of salt in this world, in the same way there are many types of liquid oceans in other worlds as well. Somewhere there is an ocean of milk, somewhere there is an ocean of oil and somewhere there is an ocean of sugar and other types of oceans. The Purusha-sukta is the ideal prayer (praise) which the demigods recite to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kshirodakasayi. Because of sleeping in the ocean of milk, He is called Kshirodakshayi Vishnu. He is the Lord from whom all the incarnations of this universe appear