Once Shri Krishna and Shri Balram were grazing cows with cowherd hair • Then the hungry cowherd hair prayed to Lord Shri Krishna – We are very hungry. Tell me some way to calm it down. Then Shri Krishna said, at a short distance from here, a Brahmin who is a scholar of the Vedas is performing a Yagya named Angris with the desire of heaven. You go to the sacrificial fire. You go there and bring some rice and food items by mentioning my name and that of Balram ji. After reaching there, the cowherd boys bowed down on the earth and said – We have come to you by the order of Lord Shri Krishna and Balram ji. We need rice ingredients for the meal. Those Brahmins did not pay heed to the words of the cowherd boys. When those Brahmins didn’t say anything in yes or no, they returned and told everything there to Shri Krishna and Balram. Lord Shri Krishna said – This time you go to their wives and tell them that Balram and Krishna have come. You provide some food for them. This time he went to him and said – Shri Krishna has come at a little distance from here. Give some food for him and the cow children. On hearing about the arrival of Shri Krishna, she took all the four types of material and did not stop even when her brothers, husband and sons stopped her and went to meet her beloved Lord Shri Krishna. On reaching there, Lord Shri Krishna said, Mahabhagyavati ladies! You are welcome . Come sit You people have come here with the desire to have our darshan. I appreciate your love. Now you people have seen me. So now go back to your sacrificial place. Because your husband will be able to complete his Yagya only by joining you. You put your mind in me. You will get mine very soon. When Lord Shri Krishna explained to them in this way, those Brahmin wives returned to the sacrificial fire. Those Brahmins had despised Shri Krishna. Therefore, he felt great remorse from the memory of his crime and had a strong desire in his heart to see Shri Krishna Balram, but could not go to see him due to the fear of Kansa