Shri Krishna Devotees Mata Yashoda had a very strict devotion to Lord Vishnu, when Mother Yashoda was a woman named Dhara in her previous birth, then Lord Vishnu, pleased with her devotion, appeared to her in the form of a quadrilateral and gave Goddess Dhara the desired boon. When asked to ask, Goddess Dhara asked Lord Vishnu KHe expressed his desire to receive him in the form of a son, then Lord Vishnu gave him the desired boon and while giving the boon, he uttered Taastu-Tastu-Taastu thrice with his mouth. Lord Vishnu gave a boon to Goddess Dhara, but when he remembered after giving the boon, he saw that there is no one like me in this whole universe and came out of his mouth thrice to make the word true. He decided to become the son of Goddess Dhara for three births.