Devotees, when Lord Shri Krishna came to Gokul in the form of an infant, there was a very grand celebration, all the residents of Gokul were filled with joy because Nanda Baba had received a son after a long time and the head of Nanda Gokul and other surrounding villages and cowherds. The Nand ji gave gold ornaments and one lakh cows in the joy of son’s birthHe was not satisfied even after receiving the gifts of Gokul and other villagers. Seeing the beautiful face of Shri Krishna, his mind was getting eager to see Shri Krishna again and again. Was resting on Krishna’s side, whoever once saw the face of Shri Krishna, he was the sameIt is said that Gokul and other villagers had not seen any newborn baby in such a grand form, and how the complete God himself had incarnated on earth.