Once all the demigods praised the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the purusha-sukta, they could not find any answer. So Brahma himself started meditating and then Lord Vishnu sent him a message. Brahma sent this message to the deities. This is the method of acquiring Vedic knowledge. This Vedic knowledge is first received from the Supreme Lord Brahma through the heart. As stated in the beginning of Srimad Bhagavatam; Tene brahma hridaya ya adi kavye – The divine knowledge of the Vedas was transmitted to Brahma through the heart. Similarly here also only Brahma could understand the message sent by Lord Vishnu and he immediately broadcast it to the deities for action. This message was like this. The Lord will soon appear on earth with His supreme energies, and the demigods will also have to remain there to assist Him as long as He remains in the earthly world to fulfill the purpose of killing the demons and establishing the devotees. He would immediately have to take birth in that Yaduvansh in which God would also appear in due course. Lord Krishna himself will appear as the son of Vasudev. Before His appearance, all the demigods should appear with their respective wives in various pious families around the world to help the Lord in His work. Here the word tatpriyartham is most appropriate, which means that the demigods should appear on this earth to please the Lord. In other words, any living being who lives only to please the Lord is a demigod. The demigods were also informed that before the incarnation of Lord Krishna, the eternal part of Lord Krishna, who is upholding the universes with his millions of hoods, would appear on earth. He was also informed that the external energy (māyā) of Vishnu, to which all conditioned souls are attracted, would also appear under the order of the Supreme Lord for his purpose. After commanding and comforting all the gods and the earth with sweet words, Brahma, the father of all Prajapatis, went to his abode, the supreme world, Brahmaloka.