Devotees, pleased with the sincere penance of Brahmaji, Lord Adidev revealed his form by giving him darshan and listen to what he preached for the knowledge of the Self – Brahmaji thought of creating the universe by sitting on a lotus at his birth place. Then in the sea of ​​doom, he heard the sixteenth and twenty-first syllables of the consonants T and P, thus tap-tap (do penance) twice. Brahmaji assumed four faces to see the one who spoke this speech, but he could not see anyone. At last, Brahma ji engrossed his mind in penance. He did penance for one thousand divine years by concentrating the life, mind, organs of action and sense organs. Pleased with his penance, Lord Shradidev made him see his world. Brahmaji saw that there is no tribulation, fascination or fear of any kind in that world. There is neither the interference of time nor Maya can enter there. Lord Shradidev was worshiped by both gods and demons. The protector of all the devotees, Yagyapati, Vishwapati and Lakshmipati God are sitting in that world. Shri Lakshmi ji is sitting in the form of a golden line on the chest. Importance, Prakriti, Purusha, Mind, Ego, ten senses, words etc. five Tanmatras and Panchbhoot these twenty five powers are present all around. The six eternally perfected forms of ghosts are filled with powers by overall opulence, Shri, fame, religion, knowledge and disinterest. Brahmaji’s heart was filled with joy on seeing all of them. Lord Shradidev shook hands with Brahmaji and said in a slow smile – You have done such a severe penance by listening to the voice in that deserted water without seeing me. Due to this penance, you have seen my world by my wish. Tapasya is my heart and I myself am the soul of Tapasya. Brahmaji said to Lord Shradidev – You have made me your friend by holding my hand like a friend. That’s why when I start creating the universe and carefully divide the creatures according to their qualities and deeds, then keep giving darshan from time to time. I need your service in this work. Lord Shradidev said – Where this universe does not exist, understand my presence there and whatever appears to be in the form of this universe, that is me. You have complete faith in this statement of mine through unshakable samadhi. You will never be aware of this even if you keep creating different types of worlds every cycle. In no time, God absorbed that form of his.