Dear devotees, the description of the universe is as follows. That when Virat God appeared after piercing the universe, he started searching for a place to live. Then he created water. Water was named Nar because of Virat Purush being born from a man. He was named Narayan because of his stay in the city for a thousand years. Narayan awoke from yog nidra by his illusion and divided his golden semen into three parts, whose names were Adhidev, Adhyatma and Adhibhuta. Due to the movement of the giant man, the sense force, mental force and physical force originated from the sky located in his body. The master of all these was born Prana. From the mouth came the palate and from the palate the sense organs appeared. When there was a desire to speak, the speech organ appeared whose presiding deity is Agni. The subject of which to speak has appeared. When there was a desire to smell, the “nose” olfactory organ arose. Vayudev appeared to spread the smell. When there was a desire to see, the holes of the eyes, whose presiding deity is the sun, appeared. It was from these that the form began to be eclipsed. Ears appeared when there was a desire to hear. To know the heat, coldness, softness and heaviness, the skin appeared on the body. Around which hair follicles arose. The skin wrapped around the sense body. Hands raised with the desire to act. Hastendriya and the presiding deity Indra appeared. Karma also appeared in the form of eclipse. Legs sprang up when there was a desire to move. Along with the feet, along with the senses of the feet, Lord Vishnu himself, the Yagya Purush, was situated there as its presiding deity. It was through them that the form and form of action appeared. Linga was created for the desire of children, night and heaven. Subsyndriya and Prajapati etc. happened. When there is a desire for excreta, the anus was formed. Payundriya and Mitra appeared. Nabhidwar appeared due to Apana’s desire to move from one body to another. From that the gods Apan and Mrityu appeared. Due to the separation of prana and apana from the shelter of these two, death occurs. The heart originated to think of Maya. Similarly, life originated from these three sky, water and air. Womb, intestines and nerves were formed to receive food and water. Earth, water, seven metals in the body of Virat Purush 9. skin, 2. Skin, 3, Meat, 4. Bones, 5. Marrow, fat, 7. Blood appeared. Devotees, this is how Shri Shukdev ji has described this creation.