Devasur Sangram happened many times before also, once the demons and demons felt immense sorrow for not getting nectar and their anger increased. They took their respective weapons and started fighting with the gods. There was a fierce battle between the gods and demons, which is called Devasur Sangram in history. Chariots with charioteers, pedestrians with pedestrians, horsemen with horsemen, elephants with elephants started fighting in the battlefield. In the war, Bali, the son of Virochan, came to fight riding on a plane made by Maidanav. He was accompanied by Namuchi, Shambar, Kalnemi, Praheti, Bhootasantap, Shakuni, Kapil, Hayagriva, Vajradand, Virochana, Taraka, Polo, Arishta, Tripuradhipati, Utkala, Shubha, Kaleya etc. Indra also became very angry. He too mounted the Airavat elephant and started fighting taking the deities with him. Mahadev ji started fighting with Jambhasur, Agnidev with Mahisasur, Vatapi and Marichi, the son of Brahma with Ilvay etc. The demons threw a mountain on the army of the gods with their demonic illusion and left. Due to this the army of the gods started disintegrating. The gods remembered the Lord. Then the Lord appeared there. The Kalnemi demon fired a trishul at the Lord. The Lord killed Kalanemi by breaking the trident into pieces. The Lord cut off the heads of the demons Mali and Sumali with his discus. Indra attacked Bali with an infallible thunderbolt. Bali ended up falling on the earth along with the plane. Jambhasura, a close friend of Bali, attacked Indra with his mace on the clavicle and Airavat, the great sacrifice. Indra fainted. Indra’s charioteer Matali brought a chariot of thousand horses and gave it to Indra. Indra attacked the demons and started killing them. Namuchi was very sad to see the brothers dead. Namuchi was not being killed by any weapon. Then it was said in the sky that this demon would neither be killed by a dry object nor by a wet object. Indra thought of a solution that the foam of the sea is neither wet nor dry. Indra succeeded in killing Namuchi with sea foam. Brahmaji sent Muni Shri Narad ji to the deities. He stopped the gods from fighting. At the behest of Narad ji, the rest of the demons went to Astachal with the sacrifice killed by the thunderbolt. There his Guru Shukracharya ji made the demons alive with Sanjivani Vidya. Bali understood that life is death, victory and defeat keep happening. Thus he did not regret being defeated.