Devotees, everyone is engaged in the search for truth. This is the philosophical way of life. The deities inform that Krishna is the ultimate truth. One who becomes fully Krishna conscious can attain the Absolute Truth. Krishna is the ultimate truth. There is truth in the three states of eternal time, not relative truth. Tense is divided into past, present and future. Everything in the material world is governed by the past, present and future by the Supreme; But Krishna existed before the creation; Everything is dependent on Krishna when the creation is done and when this creation ends, Krishna will remain. Therefore He is the Absolute Truth in all circumstances. If there is truth in the material world, it emanates from the Absolute Truth. If there is any opulence in this material world, then its source is Krishna. If there is some fame in the world, Krishna is the reason for it. If there is any force (Shakti) in the world, then Krishna is the cause of this Shakti. If there is any knowledge and education in the world, Krishna is the cause of it. Thus Krishna is the source of all truths.