Prabhu devotees Brahma ji told that Lord Narayan has Sattva, Raj and Tama three powers. He assumed the body of a boar to bring the earth above the water. When Hiranyaksha came to fight with Adi Dev Bhagwan, he killed him by cutting him into pieces with his beard. The Lord incarnated as Suyajna from the womb of the female form of Prajapati named Ruchi. In this incarnation a deity named Suyam was born from a woman named Dakshina. Swayambhuva Manu called him by the name of Hari. Lord Kapil incarnated with nine sisters from the womb of Devahuti at the house of Prajapati Kardam. Kapil Bhagwan preached enlightenment to his mother Devhuti. Maharishi Atri wanted to see God as his son. God incarnated in the name of Dattatreya at Maharishi Atri’s place by giving him the boon of the Creator. Yadu and Sahastrarjuna attained both the attainments of Yoga and Moksha by Dattatreya. God did penance at the beginning of creation. From that austerity, the Lord incarnated as Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar by being united with the name “San” meaning penance. The Lord incarnated as Nara Narayana from the womb of Daksha Kanya Murti, the wife of Dharma. The effect of his penance was like that of God. Kama’s army and Apsaras sent by Indra lost their nature as soon as they came in front of Nar Narayan and could not disturb their penance. Sitting near King Uttanpad, the five-year-old son of Dhruva was pierced to the heart by his stepmother Suruchi with harsh words. Grief-stricken, at the behest of his mother, the child went to the Dhruv forest to do penance. Pleased with his penance, God himself appeared and gave darshan to the child Dhruv and gave Dhruv the boon of the post of Dhruv. The wealth and manliness of Kumar Gami Ben started falling into hell. On the request of the sages, the Lord churned his body and incarnated as Prithu and rescued him from hell. In this way the word son was characterised. In the same incarnation, by making the earth a cow, he harnessed medicines for the world. The Lord took birth in the form of Rishabh Dev from the womb of King Nabhi’s wife Sudevi. The same Yagya Purush himself incarnated in the form of Hayagriva, shining like gold in a full Yagya. Veda Vani appeared in the form of breath from his nostrils. At the end of the Chakshusha Manvantara, the future Manu Satyavrat attained the Lord in the form of a fish. At the time of holocaust, he used to wander in the fierce waters carrying the Vedas. Demons and deities continued to churn the ocean of milk to get nectar. When the Mandarachal mountain started sinking in the water, God assumed the form of a tortoise and carried Mandarachal on his back. Fourteen gems were obtained from the churning of the ocean. God took the form of Mohini and distributed nectar among the deities. In order to remove the fear of the deities, by taking the form of Narasimha, he protected his devotee Prahlad, who was the son of Hiranyakashipu by killing Hiranyakashipu. Graha had caught hold of Gajendra’s leg, then God himself appeared and released Gajendra. The Lord blew off the customer’s head with his wheel. Along with Gajendra, the customer also attained salvation. Lord Vamana was the youngest son of Aditi. The king went to the sacrificial fire. He asked for three steps of land from King Bali. God measured the whole earth in two steps. In such a situation, King Bali himself took the feet of Lord Vamana on his head. The Lord incarnated as Dhanvantari. Protected the entire people by propagating medicines. Lord Dhanvantari used to destroy the diseases of big patients immediately by his name. When the pride (pride) of the Kshatriyas and their atrocities increased, the Lord incarnated in the form of Parshuram. Made the earth devoid of Kshatriyas 21 times. Thus he reduced the weight of the earth. In order to reduce the weight of the earth, the illusory god incarnated Rama in the Ikshvaku dynasty along with Bharata, Shatrughna, and Lakshmana with his arts. Lord Rama burdened the earth by killing the demons like Ravana. To reduce the weight of the earth, Lord Rama assumed the incarnation of Balarama and Shri Krishna with his white and black hair. Lord Shri Krishna killed the demon Putana in his childhood. At the age of three months, he killed a demon by overturning a huge bull with his feet. When Lord Shri Krishna started walking on his knees, Yamularjuna reached among the trees and uprooted them and saved them. As a child, Lord Shri Krishna danced on the cobra of the snake Kalia, killed it and pulled it out of the Yamuna. Thus Yamuna. Purified the water of Ji. On the same night, when many people were sleeping on the banks of river Yamuna, he saved them from the forest fire. While being tied with a rope by mother Yashoda, the rope was getting shorter by two fingers every moment. When Mother Yashoda forbade Lord Shri Krishna to eat soil and when she asked that you have eaten soil, Lord Krishna opened his mouth and showed her the fourteen Bhuvans. Saved Nand Baba from the mouth of the python and from the noose of Varun. When Vyomasura, the son of Maidanav, locked the gopas in a mountain cave, Lord Shri Krishna saved the gopas by killing him. At the age of seven, he shattered the pride of Indra, the king of the deities, by lifting the Govardhan mountain on his finger for seven days. Kuber’s servant Shankhachud kidnapped all the gopis who had come to Vrindavan by the wish of Raas, then Lord Shri Krishna freed the gopis by separating Shankhachud’s head from the torso. Lord Shri Krishna killed many demons like Pralambasur, Dhenukasur, Bakasur, Keshi, Arishta etc. He killed the wrestlers like Chanur and the Kuvaliyapid elephant, Kansa, Kalayavan, Bhaumasura, Dwivid, Mithyavasudev, Salva, Dantavakra, Balval, Vanara and the seven bulls of King Nagnajit. Lord Shri Krishna went to his abode after killing Vidurath, Shambarasura, and Rukmi etc. kings and Matsya Kaikeya, Kamboj, Kuru and Sunjay etc.