There was a very cruel demon named Putna. He had only one job, to kill children. One day she went to Gokul of Nandbaba by the order of Kansa, she transformed herself into a beautiful girl and entered Gokul. She accidentally entered Nandbaba’s house. At that time Shri Krishna was lying on the bed. Lord Shri Krishna closed his eyes seeing Putna coming. Here the terrible demon Putna lifted the child Shri Krishna in her lap and gave her breast to his mouth. She had applied poison paste on her breasts. Lord Shri Krishna filled with anger pressed her breasts with both hands and started drinking her milk along with her life (He himself was drinking milk and his anger started drinking her life). Putna fell down on the earth in a huff. His eyes turned away. The speed of his shout was so intense that all the seven underworlds and directions echoed. She appeared in a demonic form. Life left his body. Mouth burst, hair scattered and hands and legs spread. The way Vritrasura fell down after being struck by Indra’s thunderbolt, similarly she fell down after coming outside. Seeing that body of Putna, all the cowherd boys and gopis got scared. When the Gopis saw the child Shri Krishna playing on his chest, they lifted Shri Krishna. After this, Yashoda and Rohini along with the gopis made Shri Krishna visible by twisting the cow’s tail etc. Yashoda ji breastfed him and then put him to sleep in the cradle. Putna was breastfed by the Lord.Because this Putna was the daughter of King Bali in her previous birth and when Lord Vaman had incarnated on earth to help the deities, then one day God in the form of Vaman came to King Bali’s sacrificial fire to take three steps of land. Being captivated by the beautiful form of Lord Vamana, the daughter embraced him from her bosomI kept the desire of feeding milk in my heart.Then Lord Vaman, standing in the form of Vamana, said Tathaastu from inside his heart to fulfill his wishAnd when Lord Vaman took away the entire kingdom of Bali by measuring the entire Triloki in two steps, then the daughter of King Bali, seeing this deceit with her father, expressed her desire in her heart that if she cheats like this, I will Even if I give poison instead of milk from the chest, Lord Vaman has sacrificed the king inside his heartAmen was said for the daughter of King Bali and in this way, in Dwapar Yuga, Lord Shri Krishna fulfilled both the wishes of King Bali’s daughter who came in the form of Putna and saved Putna.