Once Shursen’s son Vasudev was going to his home after marrying Devaki with his newly wedded wife on a chariot. Devaki’s father, Devaka, had given a rich dowry because he was very fond of his daughter. He had given hundreds of chariots, which were completely gold plated. At that time, Kansa, the son of Ugrasena, voluntarily took the reins of Vasudev’s chariot in his hands to please his sister Devaki. According to the custom of Vedic civilization, when a girl is married, her brother takes his sister and his brother-in-law to their house. The newly married girl does not want to be separated from her father’s family, so the brother accompanies her until she reaches her in-laws’ place. The entire dowry given by Devaka was as follows: 400 elephants adorned with gold ornaments, 15,000 well-equipped horses and 1,800 chariots. He had also arranged to send 200 beautiful girls to accompany his daughter. The marriage system of the Kshatriyas, which is still prevalent in India, states that when a Kshatriya is married, apart from the bride, a few dozen of her young friends should also go to the king’s house. The concubines of the queen are called dasis, but in reality they act like the queen’s friends. This practice has been prevalent since time immemorial and can be traced back at least 5000 years before the incarnation of Lord Krishna. In this way Vasudev brought two hundred beautiful girls with his wife Devaki. When the bride and groom were going in the chariot, various musical instruments were played to announce the auspicious time. Conch shell, bugle, drum and mridang together were producing the sound of melodious music (group playing). The procession was going out very gracefully and Kansa was driving the chariot. Then suddenly a wonderful sound resounded from the sky which specially addressed Kansa, “O Kansa! How foolish you are! You are driving the chariot of your sister and brother-in-law, but you do not know that the eighth child of your own sister will kill you.” Will doOn hearing the Akashvani, Kansa grabbed Devaki’s hair and wanted to kill her with his sword, but Vasudev stopped Kansa and explained that if this Akashvani is true, then I promise you that I myself will hand over the eighth child of Devaki to you. Will giv