God’s illusion has accepted its own time, action and nature. Anger arose in the three qualities of time. Nature transformed them. Karma gave birth to importance. When Rajogun and Tamogun increased, there was a disorder of importance. Due to this, action, knowledge and matter form, the main disorder of Ttam. It is called Ahamkara and it is of three types after attaining vice. They have the following differences: 1. Vaikarik, 2. Taijas, 3. Tamas is their main power of knowledge, power of action and material power respectively. When there was development in the form of tamas due to the five great elements, then the sky was born from it. Body size and qualities of the sky are two words. With these words the seer and the seen were realized. When there was disorder in the sky, air was born. The quality of this air is touch. Air has originated from time, karma and nature. From this Tej was born. Its main attribute is form. Water originated from the development of fire, its quality is juice. The earth originated from the disorder of water. The ten presiding deities of the mind and senses were born out of vaikarik ego, whose names are as follows: 1. Sun, 2. Air, 3. Disha, 4. Agni, 5. Ashwini Kumar, 6. Varun, 7. Friend, 8. Vishnu, 9 Prajapati, 10. Eye, skin, source, life and tongue are the five sense organs from Shiva Tejas ego. Anus, feet, hands, speech and genitals are the five organs of action. Knowledge power, form intelligence and action power form life were also born from Tejas.