Lord Shri Krishna went to the chaupal and told the Gopas like Nandaroy, Upand etc. in clear words, Baba, from today onwards Devraj Indra will not be worshiped in Braj, but Giriraj Govardhan will be worshipped. If you people do not listen to me, then I will leave Vrindavan and will never come back again. He could not tolerate the anger of Shri Krishna, so everyone said in one voice, no, no, Kanha, as you say, you will do as you say. But let’s do it this time, all the material is gone, we will worship Govardhan with different material. to be closed from All the Brajvasis agreed and went to the foothills of Govardhan and worshiped Giriraj with all the food items. When Devraj Indra came to know that the Brajvasis had stopped worshiping him, he immediately ordered Samvartak Badal to go and cause catastrophic rain. Those Brajvasis have stopped worshiping us at the behest of that Krishna, now we will not leave Brajvasis alive. It started raining heavily all around and all the people of Braj came running to Nand Bhawan and said, O Kanhaiya, we had stopped worshiping Indra because of your saying, now you only save us from the wrath of IndraLord Shri Krishna said Brajvasis have nothing to fear, Indra got angry by worshiping this Giriraj, now only this Giriraj will protect you, saying that Lord Krishna put Giriraj Govardhan on the nail of the little finger of his left hand. All the residents of Braj along with their belongings came under him. Indra ordered Vayudev to go and demolish this mountain so that the Brajvasis would die under pressure and he himself started thunderbolts. Torrential rain, strong wind and thunderclap continued continuously for seven days and seven nights. The ocean was formed all around in Brajmandal but the water did not fill below Govardhan because God had ordered Vasuki snake which wrapped around Govardhan so that water did not fill. Now God started increasing his beauty. Although God is amazingly beautiful, but he expanded the quality called beauty so much that wherever he was looking, he kept looking there, he did not blink an eye. Such a beautiful form of God that all the people of Braj kept looking only at Lord Shri Krishna for seven days and seven nights without hunger and thirst. No one had time to take his eyes off from there. After that Lord Shri Krishna remembered Agastya Rishi that come, I had promised to give you water in the past, now the opportunity has come to drink water, Vrajmandal is full of ocean like water, drink it Agastya Rishi came and in one gulp Drank all the water. In a short while dust started flying there. Indra was surprised to see. Vasuki the snake also went away. At the behest of Lord Shri Krishna, all the Brajvasis came out from under Govardhan and Lord Shri Krishna made Giriraj Govardhan sit at its place..