One day Shri Gargacharya, the family priest of Yaduvanshis, came to Nandbaba. Seeing him, Nandbaba stood up and bowed down at his feet. He requested Gargacharya ji to name these two sons of mine. Gargacharya ji said – He is the son of Rohini. That’s why its one name is Rauhineya and the other name is Ram and its name is also Bal. That is, this child will be famous by the name of Balram and this other dark-skinned child will be named Shri Krishna. Nandji, this son of yours was once born in the house of Vasudev ji, so those who know this secret will also call him Mr. Vasudev. This child is like Lord Narayan. Those who love this cannot be conquered by any kind of enemy inside or outside. By telling this, Shri Gargacharya ji left for his ashram. When both their tiny babies returned with mud smeared on their bodies, their beauty would add to their beauty. Mothers would take them in their lap with both hands, hug them to the heart and start feeding them milk. When Balram and others grew up, they started holding the tails of the calves. When the calves used to run, they fell on the ground while running with them and the calves started running while dragging them. Gopis used to enjoy their child’s pastimes leaving their household chores. They would release the calves to the cows. One day all the Gopis together went to Yashoda ji and started complaining about Krishna Kanhaiya. He said – He steals milk and curd and eats it and feeds it to the monkeys. Breaks pots. In this way, both the brothers Balram and Shri Krishna used to perform pastimes of stealing butter and wooing the gopis. One day both the brothers were playing with the cowherd boys. Those people complained to Yashoda ji about Kanhaiya that he has eaten soil. Yashoda mother scolded and said – Why are you naughty! You have become very insolent. Why did you eat soil? On this Shri Krishna showed his face with tears and said – Mother! I have not eaten soil. All of them are lying. Yashoda ji saw the entire universe, moon, stars, mountains etc. in his mouth. Then the mother understood the essence of Krishna. God communicated Yogmaya in his heart. Yashoda ji forgot that incident and lifted her beloved in her arms. Nand and Yashoda started getting immense happiness from him. Nand Baba was a great Vasu in his previous birth. His name was Drona and wife’s Dhara. He said to him with the desire to follow the orders of Brahmaji – God! When we take birth on earth, then we should have exclusive devotion in Jadishwar Lord Shri Krishna. Brahmaji said that it will happen like this. He was born in Drona Braj, the most famous God and was named Nand. His wife Dhara became his wife in this birth by the name of Yashoda. To tell the truth of Brahmaji, Lord Shri Krishna stayed in Braj with Balram ji and started making all the people of Braj happy with his childhood pastimes..