Dear devotees, the description of Bhagwat is as follows that in Kalpa, God appeared in the form of Vyasa from the womb of Satyavati and composed Bhagwat Purana. In this Bhagwat Purana, there is a description of these ten subjects: Sarg, Visarga, Sthana, Poshan, Ati, Manvantar, Ishanu, Nirodh, Mukti, Aashray. With the inspiration of God, the name of the origin of sky, Tanmatras, Panchbhoot, importance and ego is called Sarg. The creation of universes from Virat Purush is called Visarga. The supremacy of Lord Vishnu, which is proved by keeping the creation moving towards destruction every moment in dignity, is called place. The grace that God bestows on his devotees in the world protected by him is called nutrition. The ruler of Manvantara who performs rituals of pure religion in the form of Bhagavad bhakti and Prajapalan is called Manvantara. Those desires of the living beings which put them in bondage through Karma are called Uti. The stories consisting of various narratives of various incarnations of the Lord and His loving devotees are called Ish Katha. When the Lord accepts Yoga Nidra and sleeps, then this soul’s real form of being situated in the Supreme Soul is liberation. The element by which the origin and annihilation of this pasture world is illuminated is the shelter of Parabrahma