Once Shri Krishna and Shri Radha were playing in a forest. Lord Shri Krishna and Radha ji both were alone there. Meanwhile Shri Krishna ji took Radha ji behind a banyan tree and tied her eyes with his pitambar and asked her to stand there. And at a little distance from there went under a step tree and started preparing a gift for Shri Radha ji. A few moments passed like this and there was some delay, then Radha ji called out from behind the banyan tree that she could not stand for a while and said that my eyes were hurting. So Lord Shri Krishna smiled a little on this and replied from under the same step tree that Radhe just wait for a few moments. After that Radha ji keeps waiting there with closed eyes. And here Shri Krishna ji starts completing his work quickly and soon after completing the work Shri Krishna ji went to Shri Radha ji and Shri Krishna removed Pitambar from the eyes of Shri Radha ji with his own hands and then went to show her his gift. Took Shri Radha ji under the Kadam tree. On reaching there, Radha ji was very happy to see that beautiful gift. When Shri Radha ji saw a huge swing decorated with flowers, she hugged that swing laughing like a small girl. Lord Shri Krishna had prepared this gift for Shri Radhe with great dedication. Then Radha ji sits on that swing and says to Shri Krishna ji, Kanha, push the swing a little from behind. Then Shri Krishna starts pushing the swing from behind with a happy heart. And Shri Krishna ji had made the swing on the banks of Yamuna ji in such a way that every time Shri Krishna ji pushes the swing and when Radha ji goes forward or backward, Radha ji’s soft feet Yamuna ji clean waves She would have left while touching. This went on for some time, then suddenly Shri Radha ji’s eyes fell on a white flower on that swing and on seeing that flower, Shri Radha ji became very happy and said to Shri Krishna ji that O Kanha, this flower is If it is not in our Vraj, then from where did you bring this flower? Lord Shri Krishna smilingly said that I had brought this from Tretayug. Tretayuga? Radha ji was surprised to hear this and then asked how from Tretayug? Then Shri Krishna ji stopped the swing and went and sat next to Radha ji. And then Shri Krishna tells Radha ji with tears of love in his eyes that yes Radhe I have brought you from Tretayug, when I saw you for the first time you were in the flower garden. Radhe, on seeing you for the first time, I felt like giving you a swing made of flowers made by my own hands at that very moment. But at that time I was in the incarnation of Rama and being Maryada Purushottam, I could not fulfill that lovely wish of mine. But for this beautiful day today, I had kept some white flowers with me at that time. And today when the time came, I wanted to fulfill my wish of years and give you this lovely gift and my wish was also fulfilled. Hearing this, Radha ji’s eyes became moist with happiness, and she kissed the soft hands of Shri Krishna ji. After that both Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Radha ji sat together on the swing and started enjoying the swing..