Kansa himself was Bali and he had great help from Magadha King Jarasandha. Apart from this, his companions were Pralambasur, Bakasur, Chanur, Trinavart, Adhasur, Mushtik, Arishtasur, Dwivid, Putna, Keshi, and Dhenuk and many demon kings like Banasur and Bhaumasur etc. were his assistants. Taking them along, he started destroying the Yaduvanshis. They got scared and settled in the countries of Kuru, Panchal, Kekaya, Shalva, Vidarbha, Nishad, Videha and Kaushal etc. When Kansa killed Devaki’s six children one by one, Shri Sheshji, a part of God, entered Devaki’s womb. Vishwatma Bhagwan ordered his Yogmaya to transfer Shri Shesh ji from the womb of Devaki to the womb of Rohini, the second wife of Vasudev. You will be born from the womb of Nand Baba’s wife Yashoda, I will be the son of Devaki. The people of the earth will create many places for you and call you by many names like Durga, Bhadravali, Madhavi, Krishna, Chandika, Kumuda, Vaishnavi, Vijaya, Sharda, Ishani, Narayani, Maya, Kanya and Ambika etc. When God entered in the eighth womb, everyone’s intellect got diverted. Although Kansa could have killed Devaki, he himself retired from the thought of this extreme cruelty. There was darkness all around. At the same time Lord Vishnu, seated in everyone’s heart, appeared from Devaki’s womb. Vasudev ji saw a wonderful child in front of him. His eyes are soft and huge like lotus. He is holding conch, mace, chakra and lotus in four hands. The symbol of Srivatsa is marked on the chest. Kaustubhamani is shimmering around the neck. Everyone was very happy to see his form. Having fixed his mind, he bowed his head at the feet of the Lord and with folded hands began to praise Him. Here Devaki saw that all the characteristics of Lord Purushottam are present in my son. She too started praising with a pure smile. Lord Shri Krishna said to both – I have shown my four-armed form so that you may remember my previous incarnations. You both have son’s attitude towards me and Brahma’s attitude. In this way, by loving affection and thinking, you will attain my supreme position. God said – Goddess! When you were born in Swayambhuva Manvantar, your name was Prishni and Vasudev ji’s name was Sutpa Prajapati. At that time I became famous by the name of Prishni Garbha. In the second birth you were Aditi and Vasudev ji was Kashyap. At that time I was born from your womb and my name was Upendra and my name became famous as Vaman Avatar. Now for the third time I have appeared as your son. After telling this, God became silent and assumed the form of a child. Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Then Vasudev ji expressed his desire to take his son out of Sutikagriha with the inspiration of God. At the same time Yogmaya was born from the womb of Yashoda, the wife of Nanda, who, being the power of the Lord, was as birthless as Him. Vasudev ji took Shri Krishna with his Yogmaya and went towards Gokul. It was raining heavily. Mr. Shesh ji had kept a canopy. Yamuna river was rising. Yamuna ji gave way. Vasudev ji brought that girl from Nandbaba’s place and put his son to sleep near Yashoda ji. After reaching the jail, Vasudev ji put that girl to sleep near Devaki and put fetters on his feet and the doors were locked.