Man should worship the following deities at home to fulfill his desire The person who needs Brahmatej should worship Brihaspati ji. The person who wishes to have children should worship Prajapatis. The person who desires Lakshmi should worship Kubera and Varuna. One who desires heaven should worship the gods, the sons of Aditi. The creature who has the desire of the kingdom should worship the world gods. The person who wants to become the master of all should worship Lord Brahma. The creature who has the desire to get knowledge should worship Lord Shankar. To maintain love between husband and wife, one should worship Goddess Parvati. Worship of Lord Vishnu to earn Dharma. Should do To attain salvation, one should worship Lord Shri Ram, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, through Bhakti Yoga. For the attainment of pleasures, the moon should be worshiped and for the attainment of desirelessness, the supreme man Narayan should be worshipped.