Once upon a time, when Shri Vedvyas ji was dividing the Vedas, Shri Narad ji should come there. Shri Ved Vyas ji got up and stood up to welcome Narad ji. He worshiped Devarshi Narad ji, honored by the gods. Vyas ji said – Narad ji, you are the son of Brahma ji and your knowledge is also immense. Tell me about your past life. In this way, Vyas ji and Narad ji started talking among themselves about the science of knowledge and other scriptures. Narad ji told Vyas ji that I used to live with my single maid mother. When I got time, I used to play here and there and also used to go to the ashrams of sages. I used to listen to his sermons in the ashram and used to fill my stomach by eating his fake food. Being in the company of sages, my heart also became enlightened with knowledge. After some time my maid mother was bitten by a snake. Due to this he died. I used to roam alone. One day I got knowledge in satsang. I went to the north for penance and sitting under a Peepal tree, I gradually got engrossed in the meditation of Lord Narayan. After some time I saw God. Sri Bhagavan told me that it is very difficult to attain peace of mind and salvation. But I am pleased with your penance and tell you the means of attaining salvation through the path of devotion and knowledge, then I adopted the activities told by Shri Bhagwan in my life. I died when the time came. By the grace of God, I attained salvation.Narad ji told Vyas ji that once when Lord Kshir was sleeping in the ocean, then Brahmaji, sitting on that lotus, entered the lotus stem to get the end of the lotus stem from the lotus that appeared from the navel of the Lord, but Brahma ji did not get the end of that stick, at the time when Brahma ji got the end of the lotus stickWhen he was searching, I entered his heart by the breath of Brahma ji under the influence of my luckDue to not getting the end of the rod, Brahma ji returned disappointed and started standing on that lotus and looked around, then he remembered God again, then he heard the word “do penance”, then Brahma ji sat on that lotus in yoga nidra. Then after one thousand Chaturyugi passed, Brahmaji’s eyes opened from YognidraHe had the desire to create the universe again.Then Brahmaji revealed me with his senses along with Marichi etc. sages. Since then I used to roam freely in all the three worlds without any hindrance.