Shri Govardhan Leela is the most favorite Naimittika Leela of Lord Krishna. There are two reasons for Govardhan Leela, one is the intimate reason and the other is the external reason. In Bahya Karan, Lord Shri Krishna wants to convey this message to his devotee community, to the whole world that those who are Vaishnavas, who worship me, do not need to worship other non-devotee deities. Intimate and confidential reason :- Like God had stolen butter to remove the pain of separation from his mother Yashoda’s friends “What kind of separation pain? All the friends of Yashoda Maiya, she considers Krishna as her own son and does not love her sons as much as she loves Krishna. “It is written in the thirteenth chapter of the tenth canto of Bhagwat”. (There are hundreds of friends of mother Yashoda. There was always a gathering of them in Nand Bhavan. One day mother Yashoda got angry and told all the friends not to come here unless there is some special workAll the friends left but secretly started crying in separation from Kanha.God knew the state of mind of those mothers, so he made a plan that he would steal butter from all of their houses and get caught so that those mothers could see them and there would be no lack of affection) Similarly in Vrindavan when Lord Shri Krishna killed Kalia Nag Radha etc. Gopis also came to the banks of Yamuna when he married,That night everyone rested in Vrindavan, the forest closest to Yamuna, where the demons of Kansa set fire to the forest, then everyone called out to Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna drank the fire. Radha etc. Gopis had directly seen these two pastimes of Shri Krishna. Kaliya dancing on the snake and drinking Davanal. These Radha etc. Gopis are the Hladanishakti of Shri Krishna in Golok and its parts, they have eternal love for Shri Krishna in their hearts and eternal love for Krishna, manifested on seeing Shri Krishna, “which is called being awakened in the former melody”. There is very intense pain in the former melody. Because of that intense pain, all those Gopis worshiped Yogmaya named Katyayani and observed a month’s fast so that Shri Krishna becomes their husband. Katyayani appeared and gave him a boon that Shri Krishna would definitely become your husband but with delay. In this way, even after worshiping Katyayani, it was not possible to meet Shri Krishna. The friends of Shri Krishna (who are of seven to nine years of age) (Shri Krishna is eight years old) who used to cry continuously in the separation of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is omniscient, so he saw that my friends are continuously crying in my separation and they cannot even come close to me due to localism and fear of people, I have to give them my closeness. God did Govardhan Leela only to give his closeness. This is the main and intimate reason of Govardhan Leela..