Gangavataran – Anshuman did severe penance for years to bring Ganga ji, but he did not get success. Anshuman’s son Dilip also did the same penance, but he too did not get success. He also died when the time came. Dilip’s son Bhagirath also did great penance. Pleased with his penance, Bhagwati Ganga appeared to him and said that I have come to give you a groom. On his saying so, King Bhagirath very humbly expressed his opinion that you should go to the land of death. Ganga ji said – At the time when I will fall from heaven to the earth, at that time there should be someone to hold my velocity. If this does not happen, I will break the earth and go into the abyss. Bhagirath said that Rudradev (Shivji), the soul of all beings, can hold your speed because this whole world is immersed in Lord Rudra only. Bhagirath pleased Lord Shankar through penance. Then Shivji being careful took Ganga ji in his hair. After this, Bhagirath took Ganga ji to the place where the bodies of his forefathers had become a pile of ashes. In this way, by taking Ganga to Sagar-Sangam, he was successful in rescuing those ancestors. That place became famous by the name of Ganga Sagar Tirtha. Bhagiratha’s son’s name was Shruta’s and Shruta’s son’s name was Nabha. Nabha’s son’s name was Sindhu Dweep and Sindhudweep’s son’s name was Ayutayu. Ayutayu’s son was Rituparna who was a friend of Nala. He explained the secret of throwing dice to Nal and in return learned horsemanship from him. The son of Rituparna was Sarvakama. Sarvakama’s son’s name was Sudas and Sudas’s son’s name was Saudas. Saudas’s wife’s name was Madayanti. Saudasa was cursed by Vashishtha to become a demon and due to his deeds remained childless. Once Saudas had gone for hunting. There . He killed a demon and released his brother. He considered this work of the king as injustice and to take revenge of his brother from him, he went to his house as a cook and started working as a cook. One day when Guru Vashishtha came to eat at his place, he offered human flesh to the sage. When Vashishtha ji saw that the item served was inedible, he cursed the king in anger that you become a demon. At this time Saudas also wanted to curse the Guru by taking water in his hands, but his wife Madayanti stopped him from doing so. The king poured his Anjali’s water on his feet. Due to this the name of Saudas was changed to Mitrasah. His feet turned black due to the fall of water, hence he was also named Kalmashpad. Now they had become demons. One day King Kalmashapada, who became a demon, saw a forest-dwelling Brahmin couple at the time of cohabitation. The demon killed that Brahmin. On this the Brahmins cursed that your welfare will happen when you cohabit with a woman. After lapse of twelve years, King Soudas was freed from the curse. He cohabited with his wife. His wife was pregnant for seven years but the child was not born. Then Vashishtha ji hit his stomach with a stone. He was called Ashmaka because he was born from a stone injury. Ashmak’s son’s name was Mulak. When Parshuram ji was making the earth inferior to the Kshatriyas, the women had hidden him. That’s why he got the name Kavach. He is called Moolak because he became the originator of that dynasty when the earth became devoid of Kshatriyas. Mulak’s son was Dasaratha, Dasaratha’s son was Edvid and Edvid’s son was Vishwasah. Chakraborty Samrat Khatwang was the son of Vishwasah. No one could win him in battle. He killed the demons on the prayer of the gods. When he came to know from the gods that now only two hours are left for his life, he returned to his capital and fixed his mind on God. By the inspiration of God, he became established in the form of soul. That form was actually Parabrahma. He is more subtle than subtle, like zero. But it is not empty, it is the ultimate truth. Devotees describe the same thing by the name of Lord Vasudev.