For the construction of any object, means etc. or to run it, a base is made, similarly Lord Shri Krishna has made religion a part of this universe to run it correctly and parallelly. It is the basis of this universe and in the same way Maya is also a part of this universeWe can feel this maya created by lord shri krishna, but we understand this maya only when time passes, any work is done according to the time or method made by god. It is certain that it does not change with the change of any human being or creature and that’s itTime goes on continuously according to the method, due to which the old ages end and new ages are created, similarly in every age, the incarnation of God also happens according to the method. After reaching the extreme limit, he started considering himself more powerful than Godgoes and due to the works done by him, unrighteousness increases more on the earth, then God assumes one form or the other and destroys those unrighteous and establishes religion and from there the beginning of a new era also begin.