if you want to worship, then worship Lord Shri Krishna, because Lord Shri Krishna is the Almighty, those who worship different gods and ancestors, they can get the desired results by worshiping those gods and ancestors. Yes, but do not get Lord Shri Krishna Can. possibility,power, If you want to get Lord Shri Krishna, then only worship Lord Shri Krishna passionately because if anyone is with you every moment then it is only Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna is always with his devotee in both happiness and sorrow and loves his devotees selflessly and protects them every moment, so we have Lord Shri Krishna as our father and Mother of the world, Shri Radha Rani. Should be worshiped who worships Bhagat Shri RadhekrishnaThey get a place at the feet of Shri Radhe Krishna, they don’t need to wander in any other god or ancestor’s vagina. He takes place directly at the feet of Shri Radha Krishna