What was the dynasty of Lord Shri Krishna and Ram – let’s know… The dynasty in which Lord Shri Krishna appeared is called Yaduvansh. And the dynasty in which Lord Shri Ram appeared is called Raghuvansh. There are two main clans of Rajvanshi Kshatriyas – one is descended from the king of Chandralok (Chandravanshi). Descended from (Suryavanshi) in which Lord Shri Ram incarnated when LordWhen incarnated on earth, they usually appear in the Kshatriya clan because they have to establish Dharma. According to the Vedic system, a Kshatriya is the protector of the entire human race. When the Lord incarnated as Shri Ramchandra, He appeared in the Suryavansh, which was known as the Raghuvansh. And when he appeared as Krishna, he became Chandravanshi in Yaduvansh. A long list of Yaduvanshi kings is given in the twenty-fourth chapter of the ninth canto of Shrimad Bhagwat. All of them were great powerful kings. Krishna’s father’s name was Vasudev, who was the son of Yaduvanshi Surasena. In fact, the Lord does not belong to any clan of this material world, but by the grace of the clan in which He takes birth, that clan becomes famous.