When Shri Radha ji came to know that Krishna is called butter thief in the whole Gokul, he felt very bad, he urged Krishna to give up stealing. But when Krishna doesn’t even listen to his mother, then how can he listen to his beloved. He continued his pastime of stealing butter. One day Radha got angry with Krishna for teaching him a lesson. Many days passed but she did not come to meet Krishna. When Krishna went to persuade him, he refused to talk even there. So Leeladhar thought of a leela to persuade his Radha. The woman who tattooed Lily in Braj is called Laliharan. So Krishna disguised himself as a Laliharan wearing a veil and started roaming in the streets calling for rain. When they came under the high atria of Barsane, Radha Rani, they started making noise.
I have come from far away village, see your high attic,
I am thirsty to see, give me darshan Vrishabhanu darling.
I request with folded hands, please accept our request,
I request you, please get Lily tattooed dear.
When Radha ji heard this voice, she immediately sent Visakha Sakhi, and asked her to call Laliharan. Hiding his face in the veil, Krishna reached in front of Radha ji and holding her hand said, Sukumari, whose name should I write on your hand. So Radha ji replied that not only on hand but I have to get lily tattooed on the whole body and what to get written, Kishori ji is telling.
Write Manmohan on your forehead, Pitambar stripe on your eyelids!
Write Natwar on Nasika, Krishna Murari on the cheeks.
Write Achyut on your lips, Govardhan Dhari on your neck!
Write Keshav in the ears, four arms on the forehead!
Write Gwal on the anus, Nag Nathaiya on the navel!
Write Banwari on your arms, Brother in law on your palm!
Write Narayan on your nails, the protector of the world on your feet!
Write chitchor in your feet, peacock crown in your mind!
Adopt me in Nano, Nandandan’s face is lovely!
Write me on Rome Rome, Rasiya Ras Bihari!
When Thakur ji heard that Radha wanted to get my name written on her hair, God was overwhelmed with happiness, he could not remember himself, he forgot that he was sitting in front of Radha in the palace of Barsane in the guise of Laliharan. He stood up and started dancing loudly. Kishori ji was very surprised by his behavior that what happened to this Laliharan. And only then his veil fell and Lalita Sakhi saw his beautiful face, and she said loudly that hey.. this is Krishna only. Radhaji was very ashamed at the expression of her love, and now she had no way other than to forgive Kanhaiya.
Knowing Radha’s immense love for him, Krishna also became giddy and emotional.