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【 Electronics 】 Salvation of Dhenukasura and saving cowherd boys from the poison of Kaliyanag - Lord Shri Krishna was overjoyed to see the supremely beautiful Vrindavan. He started doing pastimes while grazing the cows on the banks of the Yamuna, in the foothills of the Govardhan mountain. Gwal Bal said with great love - There is a very big forest at a short distance from here. There lives a demon named Dhenuk. He lives in the form of a donkey. According to his form, many demons live with him. Shri Krishna and Balram both went towards the same forest laughing. Balram ji shook the tree and many fruits fell down. When the Dhenuk monster heard the sound of falling fruits, he ran there. He came and put his back legs on his chest. Balram ji caught hold of both his legs with his one hand and swung him and hit him with a palm tree. At that time, due to the death of Dhenukasura, his companions became enraged. Everyone together broke down on Shri Krishna. Whatever demon came near Shri Krishna and Balarama, they caught him and killed him by thrashing him on the trees. He was covered with dead bodies of forest demons. The deities showered flowers on Shri Krishna and Balarama. All the cowherd boys fearlessly started eating palm fruits. This is how Shri Krishna saved Dhenukasura. After this Balram ji and Shri Krishna returned to Braj. Hearing the sound of the flute, the gopis came out of their houses together. The Gopis pacified the burning sensation of the day's separation by drinkin ... Read more

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