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【 Travel 】 The story of God's fish incarnation - God keeps on wearing body to protect cow, Brahmin, monk, deity, Vedas, religion and meaning. At the end of the last Kalpa, due to the sleep of Brahmaji, there was annihilation of Naimiti named Brahm. All the people drowned in the sea. At that time, the Vedas appeared from the mouth of Brahma, which were stolen by a demon named Hyagriva. The almighty Lord Sri Hari, seeing this effort of Hyagriva, took the form of a fish. At that time a Rajarshi named Satyavrat was doing penance by drinking water. At the same time a fish child came in his Anjali. He was about to put the fish in the river that the fish said - I am very sad for the animals living inside the water. You are leaving me in the river water only. Hearing the humble voice of the fish, he kept the fish in his Kamandal and brought it to his ashram. The fish said - I cannot live happily in this small vessel. Give me some big place. Then sage Satyavrat put it in a pitcher. In a short while the fish grew up and said to Satyavrat - Now even this vessel has become too small for me. Then Satyavrat released the fish in the lake. After some time the fish said - the water of the lake is also less. Now you leave me in some big sea. On this, the fish god told Satyavrat that he would be eaten by crocodiles etc. in the sea. No problem and listen, on the seventh day from today there will be a doom in all the three worlds and they will drown in the ocean. When the three worlds start d ... Read more

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