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【 Home & Garden 】 Sankat-Bhanjan and Trinavart Uddhaar - The consecration festival of Lord Shri Krishna changing the course for the first time was being celebrated. His birth star was also on the same day. Yashoda ji anointed the son. Baby Shri Krishna was sleeping under a straw. Yashoda ji put Shri Krishna to sleep and started doing household chores. After some time they started crying loudly, but no one paid attention to that. Shri Krishna started jumping his feet while crying. The huge cart overturned as soon as he touched his feet. Thus saved Utkacha, the son of Hiranyaksha. He had become skinless under the curse. He had come and sat on the wheelbarrow. Utkacha was saved by the touch of the Lord's feet. Seeing this strange and unique incident, all the cowherd boys and gopas were distraught. Made Brahmins recite Shanti through Veda mantras. The Brahmins performed Havan and worshiped the Lord and Chakda with curd, Akshat, Kush and water and then Yashoda ji breastfed them. One day Yashoda ji was caressing Krishna with her in her arms. Suddenly Shri Krishna became as heavy as a rock. She could not bear his weight. He took the child Shri Krishna in his lap and made him sit on the earth. There was a demon named Trinavarta. He was the personal servant of Kansa. Inspired by Kansa, he appeared in the form of a whirlwind and carried away the sitting child Shri Krishna to the sky. Trinavarta covered all Gokul with wind and dust and took away the power of vision of the people. Wh ... Read more

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