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【 Real Estate 】 Sudarshan Uddhaar - Once Nandbaba and the Gopas traveled to Ambika forest by plowing oxen in carts on the occasion of Shivratri. They took bath in Saraswati river and worshiped Lord Shankar and Goddess Ambika. At nightfall, they slept defiantly on the banks of the river. A huge dragon was living in that forest. He was hungry that day. By divine will he came there and caught hold of Nandbaba while he was sleeping. Nandbaba started shouting. On his cry, Lord Shri Krishna touched the dragon with his feet. As soon as he touched his feet, the python left Nandbaba and leaving the body of the python stood in front of Lord Krishna in the form of a human with folded hands. They asked him who are you? On this, the man who appeared from the body of the dragon said - I was a scholar earlier. My name was Sudarshan. One day I saw an ugly sage named Angira. I started laughing at him. Enraged by this crime of mine, he cursed me to become a dragon. It is his effect that all my inauspicious deeds were destroyed by the touch of your lotus feet. Thus Sudarshan was saved.

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