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【 Beauty & Skincare 】 Lord Krishna's binding to mortar - Once upon a time, Yashoda ji herself started churning curd. At the same time Lord Shri Krishna came to the mother for breastfeeding. She started feeding him milk. Meanwhile, when the milk kept on the stove started boiling, she took Shri Krishna off her lap in the middle and went to pour the milk from the stove. Shri Krishna got very angry and his Lalalal lips started fluttering. He broke the pot of curd from the pot kept nearby with his teeth and went to the other room and started eating butter with artificial tears in his eyes. When Yashoda ji came after taking off the pot of milk, she saw the pieces of the pot. But Shri Krishna did not appear. On searching here and there, he saw that Krishna was sitting on an overturned pot and was eating the butter kept on the spoon and was also feeding it to his friends. When Yashoda ji reached near him with a stick in hand, he immediately jumped up and started running in fear. Yashoda ji also ran to catch him. Somehow Yashod ji caught Shri Krishna. Affectionate love started rising in his heart and he threw the stick. He thought of tying Shri Krishna with a knot. When she started tying Shri Krishna with a rope, the rope became two fingers short. He added another rope to it, but that too fell short by two fingers. He brought many ropes and joined them, but each time the rope fell short. When Shri Krishna saw that the mother's body was soaked in sweat, he himself tied up with a ra ... Read more

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